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The Garden Studio

Ok it’s called ‘The Garden Studio’ as its our house and garden, used plenty of times to make some super productions. Here not only do we have access to the bug house for main talent, replacements due to stage fright but also with all the props we have accumulated over the years we can help with set building, couple this to a covered outside space with garden backdrops (nice long shots in the wild really have worked) an indoor space with diffused daylight along with indoor space that can be blacked out for controlled light,  time lapse and chroma key.

On top of this during this present crisis working from here with just a cameraman (even have an award winning cameraman living locally) we can keep social distancing and safety totally in our control.

Also we are normally working in Macro so not a lot of space is required just the ability to see what looks right and that’s where our  long term experience both in filming and with field work really come to the front to help get that eye candy.